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Telnet to 3389 works but RDP connection bails



Flightless Bird
I can TELENT 3389 and get a connection.
But RDP client to immedietly bails (i.e less then 1 sec)
"connect" button greys briefly, RDP app remains on screen.
Have tried these from many nodes on the subnet to with same

On Allow Remote Desktop is enabled.
On windows firemall is off.
Im connecting from the same subnet i.e no firewall hardware / routers in the
AV software is installed but other nodes on same subnet allow RDP connection
using exact same AV settings (network group profile)
Checked for any additonal AV software or local firewall
products. Im sure non exist.
Checked regedit to ensure 3389 was the port set for listening.

Seems to be an XP problem ( 2 nodes on the my LAN have this issue) and many
work fine.

Thanks for any help