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Support for Teachers

Discussion in 'General Education Discussions' started by LPH, Dec 25, 2013.

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    Robert Heiny submitted a new blog post:

    Support for Teachers


    Teachers and ALV

    TEACHERS, whether named certified, religious, educational software developer, parent, on-the-job trainer, etc., make choices, from a learners' view, for lessons that influence the amount and rate of learning by their students.
    Teach Simply, So Learners May Simply Learn

    TEACHING FROM A LEARNERS' VIEW is elemental...Teaching consists of reducing to near zero the number of trial-and-errors learners use to solve a problem, to connect what they do with what you choose for them to show you that they can do. Those who apply this principle successfully use a DBTE pattern: ... Read More
    ALV and the Common Core Curriculum

    LEARNERS USE ALV and the ALV Path to learn the Common Core ... Read More
    ALV Lesson

    ALV LESSONS SIMPLIFY THE COMPLICATED in order to AID (accelerate, increase, and deepen) learning. Learning is problem solving. Lessons bring together into one social activity choices teachers make with choices learners make, so learners can solve specific problems. Teachers choose what makes a lesson and how to present it. Learners choose what to Read More
    How to Teach with A Learners' View (ALV)

    Quick Start on the ALV Path

    STEP 1: Choose your favorite lesson. Analyze that lesson with the ALV Path, so you distinguish patterns from among the sights, sounds, and other sensations from which learners will likely ... Read More
    How to Use ALV to AID Learning

    TEACHERS CAN AID learning by using the ALV Path when designing, building, testing, and evaluating (DBTE) lessons. A secret, not a magic bullet, is to ... Read More
    Learners' Rules for Teaching

    A LEARNERS' VIEW (ALV) OF WHAT MAY BE CALLED LEARNERS' RULES FOR TEACHING describes what 1.0 teachers and those trying to earn that rating do routinely while teaching. These rules are grounded ... Read More
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