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Stem-cell Therapy in Texas

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
David Cyranoski reports in Nature that in Texas millions of dollars flow into developing adult stem-cell treatments. Doctors there are injecting paying customers with unproven preparations, supplied by an Celldex Therapeutics of Sugar Land, TX.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sanctions their use for patients enrolled in registered clinical trials.

Some advocates of these treatments argue that preparations based on a patient's own cells should not be classed as drugs, and should not therefore fall under the FDA's jurisdiction.

Texas governor Rick Perry, for instance, has had stem-cell injections to treat a back complaint1, and has supported legislation to help create banks to store patients' harvested stem cells.

Celldex Therapeutics “multiplies and banks” stem cells derived from people's abdominal fat, according to chairman and chief executive David Eller.

Its facility opened in December 2011 and houses the largest stem-cell bank in the United States. ...More