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So now we can run Vista Programs in Win7?



Flightless Bird
On 6/28/2010 10:07 AM, DanS wrote:
>>> Just one mention of anything like that and you fly off the
>>> handle.

>> I'm the one jerking your chain. You are my little Pavlovian
>> dog.

> Your want to jerk my what !?!?!?!
>>> You're just too funny.

>> Your ass must be sore from my kicking it...or is it sore
>> from being butt-fucked by alias, your butt-buddy?
>>> I wonder how you can be so funny with your head shoved up
>>> your ass like it is.

>> We all are wondering how you can still type with your head
>> shoved up your ass.

> Death was right, you are stupid and have no come back skills.
> All you did was take what I wrote and change 'funny' to
> 'typing'.

I own you. I control you. You're easy cause you are so stupid!...LOL!