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Silly Search Suit Settled ... Sortof

Discussion in 'Google' started by LPH, Jul 23, 2013.

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    A judge in San Jose will determine on August 23, 2013 if a settlement has been reached in a vanity-name search class action lawsuit against Google.

    The giant internet company has agreed to donate $8.5 million to schools and nonprofit organizations, including Harvard Law's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law's Center for Internet and Society, the MacArthur Foundation, and AARP.

    In 2010, Paloma Gaos filed suit against Google alleging that she conducted searches for her own name, as well as her family members' names, and clicked on search results. The original complaint stated that Google broke federal and California state laws when the company provided personal information in referrer headers to third party companies. Gabriel Priyev filed a similar suit in February 2012, and the two parties agreed to combine and negotiate together.

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