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Romney Advisers: Private Concerns


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The first sentence of a Politico story suggests: "top advisers to Mitt Romney privately concede." The article would have you believe that holding all the babies in the world could not save the campaign.

Obama officials have maintained for several weeks that there are too few undecided voters for Romney to get the bounce he needs from the debates. “Romney is not going to win undecided voters four-to-one,” a senior administration official told reporters on Air Force One on Friday. “If you are losing in Ohio by four or five points and trailing in Colorado by two points, if you are trailing in Nevada by two or three points, you are not going to win in those states.

It isn't very private then if it is being touted across the internet by both camps. This suggests something else is afoot.

Modern republicans are all about voter suppression - legally or illegally. This story is an attempt to tell the democratic leaning electorate - no worries, stay home in November.

Democrats are all about getting their base fired up - and maybe this is not happening for the college crowd. They know they should be working double time from now until November. Otherwise, the elephant will be in the room.
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