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Re: XP makes me feel like I'm in a Foreign Country

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Nil, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Nil

    Nil Flightless Bird

    On 30 Apr 2010, "apistomaster(nospam)" <apistomaster@clearwire.net>
    wrote in microsoft.public.windowsxp.general:

    > FYI, Sony Vaio Laptops have never come with any recovery discs
    > even if you bought a high end laptop.
    > The first thing that happens when you power it up is to get
    > directed to create a set of recovery discs or same on an external
    > drive. It surprised me but that is the way it is with Sony's Vaio
    > Laptops and they don't mention it on the outside of the box.
    > I had never heard of such a practice until after I bought a new
    > one in an emergency where not having a computer was not an option.
    > I do think it's a nice machine and I made my back ups but it still
    > dumbfounds me that even a $2000 model isn't supplied with a couple
    > bucks worth of recovery discs.
    > Do you think Sony is using "bootlegged software"(Windows 7 Home
    > Premium) in a $900 laptop?

    No, of course not. I consider the ability to make your own recovery
    disk to be nearly the same as the manufacturer supplying physical
    disks. In fact, I've found that most vendors who try to encourage you
    to make your own will send you physical disks for free or a small fee.
    Are you saying that Sony will not do that?

    Since he didn't mention it, I assume the OP's computer is not offering
    to let him make his own. The vendor should give him recovery media or
    tell him how to make his own. I was under the impression that he was
    obligated to do so as per his agreement with Microsoft.

    In this case, without more information from the OP, I am assuming that
    none of that happened. My conclusion that the software is probably

    On the other hand, I also get the feeling that the original post was a
    troll, and that there will be no more input from it.

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