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Re: Slow shutdown after installing latest X-Fi and 7900 GTX drivers.

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Skybuck Flying, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Skybuck Flying

    Skybuck Flying Flightless Bird

    First however I am going to delete the ntune files to see what happens... if
    they are in used I should get a lock/access violation...

  2. Skybuck Flying

    Skybuck Flying Flightless Bird

    I think I have identified the problem.

    The problem is indeed with the X-Fi soundblaster driver which I kinda
    expected it to be...

    Others have warned for laggy sound issue's with that driver... but I have
    not seen shutdown
    problems being mentioned... well it's probably real... or it was a lucky
    shutdown... but I don't
    think so it was lightning fast shutdown with the x-fi audio driver.

    So now I will go back to my previous X-Fi soundblaster driver which was
    probably this version:


    Or either an even older one:


    Me gonna try the 0008 one...

    Good thing I kept these drivers... ;) :) Since I just cleaned my system a
    bit... I think I did
    delete something related to drivers... but maybe not...

    NVidia also constantly changes installation folders and doesn't have a
    custom installation folder
    neither does creative... well at least with nvidia I knew which was the
    older driver cause the files
    stay there or something... at least the unpacked files or something...

    With creative I am not sure...

    So a little bit more experimentation to come. I am probably close to a

    At least I can probably use the newer display drivers ;) :)


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