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Re: OT: Air Mice?


Barry Schwarz

Flightless Bird
On Wed, 28 Jul 2010 16:05:05 -0400, "(PeteCresswell)" <x@y.Invalid>

>I'm buying a laptop for a stone technophobe.
>They don't want to use a mouse (which needs a flat surface), but
>I'm thinking they will not be happy with the usual touch pad.
>At first, it seemed like getting one with a touch screen was a
>no-brainer.... until I started looking at prices....
>Now I'm thinking "Air Mouse" as in http://tinyurl.com/24gvg85,
>specifically http://tinyurl.com/22tmgoj
>Does anybody have one of these things? The concept sounds
>great, but I am wondering how they work in the real world.

You might consider a track ball which requires very little real

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