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Re: Onenote should include a bibliography (tag) feature for resear

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by Dellu, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Dellu

    Dellu Flightless Bird

    I am also desperately looking for way to integrate OneNote with bibliography
    softwares such as Endnote or Mendeley or Zotero, ...I love OneNote: I also
    love EndNote. I hope those guys will have some ways around
    "Erik Sojka (MVP)" wrote:

    > That's an interesting idea. It's not something that is in ON2003 (as
    > you've found) and I imagine the new features list for ON12 is pretty much
    > set in stone, so don't expect to see that in ON12 later this year.
    > Maybe that sounds like something for a customized content provider in the
    > research pane?
    > "=?Utf-8?B?Sm9uRw==?=" <JonG@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
    > news:D110322E-267A-4A74-87C4-AFD4086CE907@microsoft.com:
    > > (As a college student) I find that when conducting research and
    > > organizing it, even when taking notes in class, it would be EXTREMELY
    > > helpful to include bibliographic information. For instance: If I were
    > > to quote a paragraph in one of my research tabs, or quote a text-book
    > > when taking notes, it would be cool to tag it similar to when you are
    > > tagging anything in OneNote (question mark, check, etc...). If this
    > > were done then, once prompted, a Microsoft Dialogue box would ask you
    > > for the bibliographic information on whatever media you are utlizing
    > > (The dialogue box would have a list, book, periodical, radio etc...) -
    > > so you could fill in the blanks. Then, once you click "OK" - Mi
    > > crosoft could project the full bibliographic note under your selection
    > > or at the bottom of the page as a footnote.
    > > To further this idea; Microsoft's database for the OneNote
    > > notebook
    > > you are using could have a tab/section where it compiles all the
    > > tagged, bibliographic information you have used throughout the
    > > notebook (in taking notes, research, WHATEVER) and compile it into
    > > one, single, cohesive, alphabetized Bibliography.
    > >
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  2. lcyjkaoe

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