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Re: Nobody gives a shit about linux <----- apparently enuff do tho keep this lame thread going:(


Lord Vetinari

Flightless Bird
"Gene E. Bloch" <letters@someplace.invalid> wrote in message
> On 1/07/10, Muad'Dib posted:
>> felmon wrote:
>>> On Tue, 05 Jan 2010 04:14:38 -0700, Muad'Dib wrote:
>>>> Complaining about them
>>>> does absolutely NOTHING. They have always come up, and I'm talking
>>>> about
>>>> the BBS and 300 baud days to now. It will NEVER change, just either get
>>>> used to it, or ignore them, that's it, no more complicated than that.
>>>> (And of course filter them if you so desire.)
>>> advising people to ignore them, or get used to them or filter them if
>>> they so desire also does absolutely NOTHING. they will always respond.
>>> it will NEVER change. so ignore those who advise ignoring....
>>> Felmon

>> LOL, now that's funny.. But sorta true.. ..But then YOU advised to ignore
>> those who advise ignoring, thus one should ignore those advising to
>> ignore the ones advising those that advise those who advise ignoring. Err
>> something like that anyway. ROFLOL

>> G'day

> I would have understood what you wrote if I hadn't ignored it ;-)

Ooooh, my brain hurts.......