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Re: Micoshaft oriffice no more! - Use OpenOffice


Kadaitcha Man

Flightless Bird
"Peter Köhlmann", thou dizzy-eyed common executioner. Your beard
deserves not so honourable a grave as to stuff a botcher's cushion or to
be entombed in as ass's pack saddle. Ye pealed:

> Conor wrote:
>> In article <jMWdnRppadMBSM3WnZ2dnUVZ_vli4p2d@supernews.com>, Rick
>> says...
>>> On Fri, 15 Jan 2010 19:44:27 +0000, Conor wrote:
>>> > In article <20100115091557.2116.51145.XPN@gordon-laptop>, Gordon
>>> > says...
>>> >>
>>> >> Conor wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >> > Excel is the only thing that counts.
>>> >>
>>> >> No - Excel is the only thing that businesses have been conned into
>>> >> using...
>>> >
>>> > Not really. When it came out, there wasn't anything that equalled
>>> > it. It won based on its own merits.
>>> What Universe are you from?

>> So when Excel was released, what was there that equalled it?

> Visicalc for the Apple II

Ok, Peter. That was genuinely funny. I take back what I said about you
taking your medication for two days in a row. Congratulations on taking
it for three days in a row.