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Re: Micoshaft oriffice no more! - Use OpenOffice


Kadaitcha Man

Flightless Bird
"Conor", thou goatish lousy. I can see thy pride peep through each part
of thee. Ye disclosed:

> I've got

"I have".

> a GCE O Level in English which

"English [comma] which"

> is obviously way above anything
> you have in the subject going

"on the subject [comma] going"

Note "on", yes?

> by the level of illiteracy in your posts.
> You can't even be consistent in your use of capital letters FFS.

"capital letters [comma] FFS."

So much for your "GCE O Level in English", hey, Coonertard.

Look on the bright side, Coonertard. Your "GCE O Level in English" made
you consistent in fucked up punctuation.