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Re: Internet Explorer 8


PA Bear [MS MVP]

Flightless Bird
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Why are you using CTRL+B in, e.g., My Documents folder?

What happens when you use CTRL+B in IE8?

What anti-virus application or security suite is installed and is your
subscription current? What anti-spyware applications (other than Defender)?
What third-party firewall (if any)? Were any of these applications running
in the background when you installed IE8?

Has a(another) Norton or McAfee application ever been installed on the
computer (e.g., a free-trial version that came preinstalled when you bought
IE-specific newsgroup:

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Client - since 2002

Andrei Marra wrote:
> I have windows xp sp3, after install internet explorer 8, when I enter in
> any folder (ex. my documents) and i press ctrl+B, show me a blank
> dialogue.
> Its a bug?