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Re: I accidentally deleted my Favorites Bar folder in IE8, XP - HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Edna Boxe, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Edna Boxe

    Edna Boxe Flightless Bird

    "ChristiKate" <ChristiKate.4fp2f0@no-mx.SaavyFriends.com> wrote in message
    > I deleted the Favorites Bar folder in my Favorites and now all my
    > bookmarks are gone. They're not in the recycle bin and I have done a
    > system restore and I still can't find them. MS says to reinstall IE8,
    > but I am very leary. Please help, I had a ton of very important links.
    > Thanks so much!!!!!
    > --
    > ChristiKate
    > Message origin: SaavyFriends.com

    Just to clarify, you went into the favourites folder & deleted the
    favourites bar folder, reinstalling IE8 would just return the folder not the
    links which were within & a system restore may return the folder but as
    you've checked it seems that it may not, if the folder isn't in the Recycle
    bin (it might be named Links rather than favourites bar) then it was too big
    so was deleted completely but you should've received a warning message about
    that beforehand. I can only recommend that you restore the folder from a
    back-up which you should regularly make of your computer if you haven't then
    try system restore again & search your computer for a link or favourites bar
    If you're just missing the bar from IE8 right click on the toolbar & restore
    the tick to the favourites bar.

    Time Lady

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