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Re: how do I filter by date/time in Pan


Kadaitcha Man

Flightless Bird
"Jenn", thou impotent woeful man. Away! Thou art poison to my blood. Ye

> On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 19:04:00 -0600, Jenn wrote:
>> I read the ngs off and on all day in my spare time at work, so when I
>> go home I want to mark everything as *read* in Pan, and then look up
>> all posts for that day and just mark the ones *unread* that were posted
>> after the last time I viewed them at work (a certain time of day on
>> that day's date). Do I set up a *rule*, or is there a way to add
>> *date/time* to the filter box that filters the headers?

> Actually, I meant to say .. is there a way to add an additional choice
> of *date/time* to the drop down box for header filtering that contains:
> Author, Subject, Message-ID?

Yes, there is.