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Re: Help with Pan offline


Kadaitcha Man

Flightless Bird
"John F. Morse", thou brainless fat friend. Thou art the rudeliest
welcome to this world. Ye squealed:

> Paul Madarasz wrote:
>> I'm using Pan under Ubuntu (I'm a newcomer to Linux), and I can't seem
>> to figure out how to read message bodies off-line. I imagine it has
>> something to do with caching, but while Pan says it's caching the
>> bodies, it doesn't show them when I click on a header. Any hope for
>> help out there?
>> Paul Madarasz

> I don't do off-line reading, but you might try:


> 1. Double-clicking the message in the message list pane.

Dumbfuck cunt.

> 2. Right-clicking that message line and see what is available in the
> drop-down context menu.

Dumnfuck cuntard.

> One other thought<BICTHSLAP>

Spare everyone.

Select All messages, right click, Cache article.

You brain-dead, know-nothing fuckslop.