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Re: Hear No Truth, See No Truth, Speak No Truth

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by disabled homosexual, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. disabled homosexual

    disabled homosexual Flightless Bird

    "nick", thou pinch-spotted imperfect speaker. Thou damned and luxurious
    mountain goat. Ye threatened:

    > "Fred Hall" <fkhall@gmail.com> wrote in message
    >>>"I was naval intelligence."
    >>>"CNO-IP isn't obscure to people in the Intel Community"
    >>>"Ken also works with another organization on a daily basis - JAC

    >> Wow, aren't those supersekret organizations?
    >> People have disappeared over less, haven't they?

    > Don't diss fat ken, he's a super important spy, Special Agent Ehrett is
    > in deep cover, posing as a obese, disabled homosexual living up to his
    > fat ears in subprime debt.

    Is there some kind of shame in being a disabled homosexual?

    If so, what exactly is wrong with being disabled?

    When you've adequately answered that tough question, you can turn your
    exceedingly short attention span to explaining what exactly is wrong with
    being homosexual.

    Get fucked in advance.

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