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Re: Harddrive suddenly be accessed continuously

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Kadaitcha Man, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Kadaitcha Man

    Kadaitcha Man Flightless Bird

    "larrylaundry", thou paunchy unreal mock'ry. What tempest threw this
    whale with so many tons of oil in his belly, ashore at Windsor. Ye

    > Lookout wrote:
    >> Win XP with all updates
    >> No idea why...haven't installed any new programs. What program can I
    >> down load to see what's going on?
    >> Thanks

    > I found that reinstalling XP solves the issue.

    Reinstalling the OS fixes most problems you're too fucking stupid to sort
    out with brain power.

    > I found that the issue would never show its-self.

    If the issue "never show[ed] its-self [sic]", how do you know it was an

    > I like windows 7 as a replacement to XP, seems stable so far.

    Thanks for sharing. Perhaps now is a good time for you to fuck right off
    and die, slowly, horribly and painfully, in a terrible accident that
    could have been avoided simply by paying attention.


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