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Re: Filtering test [ignore]


PA Bear [MS MVP]

Flightless Bird
[Part Three]

Without fail if the router was cycled off and on again, in the time it takes
to reboot (whether actually doing so or not, but it is useful to as it stops
one 'watching the kettle') the ability to resolve websites and pop3 servers
was recovered and with no perceptible difference in performance.

....sometimes The Register, sometimes Portable Apps. Others resolve no
problem. I think I may uninstall Comodo firewall and put Online Armor back
awhile and see if that makes a difference. And then with no 3rd party FW.
But there are literally dozens of threads about this or closely-related (DNS
resolving) issues on the Be forums (and I doubt many of those users have a
3rd party firewall).
3rd party firewall).