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Re: DVD drive no longer reads DVD,s



Flightless Bird
Windows XP SP3
IE 7
I am having similiar problem. Cdrom play but not DVD rom. I have read about
the decoders, but I am trying to reinstall originally installed one. How can
I find it to do so?? Also, I cannot afford a new decoder even though they
are not that expensive. I used the XP installation Cd and saw Cdrom and
DVDrom. CAn I use this to reinstall the original decoder? If not, where can I
find it.

Thanking you in Advance for your help and being there.

"Carey Frisch [MVP]" wrote:

> 1. Open XP's "Help and Support Center"
> 2. Type DVD in the search box, hit enter.
> 3. Click on "DVD Troubleshooter".
> 4. You probably need a new DVD decoder or reinstall the one you had.
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> "GRR" wrote:
> | My DVD drive suddenly stopped reading DVD disks it does however still have no
> | trouble reading CD,s.
> | i,m running XP pro on an IBM netvista pentium 2.4g
> | Does anone have any idea why this happend ?