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Re: Desktop icons changing with IE7

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by PA Bear [MS MVP], May 10, 2010.

  1. PA Bear [MS MVP]

    PA Bear [MS MVP] Flightless Bird

    > ...Is there a way to
    > cross-post one message to multiple newsgroups?

    Yes: I'm crossposting this reply to WinXP General!

    Bobbi wrote:
    > PA Bear- I believe you were the one who suggested that my original post in
    > windowsxp.general should have been posted in this forum, so I did. I do
    > understand that cross-posting wastes everyone's time. Is there a way to
    > cross-post one message to multiple newsgroups?
    >> Asked/Answered in WinXP General (where we've also discussed the 2+ years
    >> of Windows Updates you've not yet installed, including SP3). If you must
    >> make identical posts to multiple newsgroups, please cross-post one (1)
    >> message to all of them. Thank you.
    >> Multiposting vs Crossposting:
    >> http://www.blakjak.demon.co.uk/mul_crss.htm Bobbi wrote:
    >>> I seem to have messed up my computer.
    >>> I've just now installed IE7 and ran into the problem of my self-made
    >>> desktop
    >>> icons for websites being replaced by the general IE symbol. I read some
    >>> old
    >>> posts and think I've learned how to fix that, but in the meantime I took
    >>> one
    >>> suggestion of resetting my desktop appearance special effects to NOT use
    >>> large icons and then resetting it again to USE large icons. That was a
    >>> mistake. Now I can't seem to change the desktop icons which refer to
    >>> websites on the web: I select the one I want from
    >>> my special icon folder and click OK and then apply, but it won't change
    >>> it.
    >>> The icon flashes briefly but then remains the same old IE symbol.
    >>> So my questions are now:
    >>> (1) How to get the desktop to replace the icon with the one I've
    >>> selected,
    >>> and
    >>> (2) How to get IE7 to stop changing them.
    >>> Note: I CAN change desktop icons for shortcuts which refer to web pages
    >>> which are entirely on my computer. Why not for shortcuts which refer to
    >>> real
    >>> websites?
    >>> Thanks,
    >>> Bobbi

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