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Re: atapi.sys and avast av

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Kadaitcha Man, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Kadaitcha Man

    Kadaitcha Man Flightless Bird

    Some arachnoid shoplifter named "thanatoid" reviled:

    > joevan <joevanudity@vanudity.com> wrote in
    > news:hc4ik51frn0su7alo9hfel69mu39prf77g@4ax.com:
    > <SNIP>
    >> I did a bit of googling toon and found various bits and pieces. I will
    >> ignor that one in the future. I have cross checked with bit defender
    >> and found no problem. I am not sure if avast has a way of reporting
    >> false positives but I think bit defender does.

    > Not sure if I understand you correctly, but no AV program will "report"
    > a false positive it ID's by /itself/. That's why some people use more
    > than one, or do extra research.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! You dumbfuck cunt, thanatard.

    "I am not sure if [the] avast [website] has a way of reporting false

    Try that for size, you less than fucking useless dickpickle.

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