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Re: Anti virus


Lorenzo Joann

Flightless Bird
Some stock-still horn-beast named chuckcar wrote in

> "bardeban" <bardeban@sympatico.ca> wrote in
> news:hir69i$r8h$1@news.eternal-september.org:
>> I tried to install 3 different anti virus program, but for all of them
>> I get error message and can't complete the installation. Is there
>> anything wrong with my system Error code with AVG Free Edition is:
>> 0xE001c064 with Avast: there is no error code
>> with AVG Free8.5: installation can't continue What is wrong? I never
>> had any error message with any AV before. TIA

> We didn't get any error message either. Where's yours? The above mean
> absolutely nothing more to us<BITHCSLAP>

Speak only for yourself, you less than useless dumbfuck cunt

"Error code with AVG Free Edition is: 0xE001c064"
"AVG Free8.5: installation can't continue"

You completely fucked in the head macaroon, chucktard.

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