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Re: After SP3 and IE8, Windows Live Mail is completely trashed



Flightless Bird
John H Meyers wrote:
> I had originally installed Windows Live Mail under XP Pro SP2 32-bit,
> and it was fine.
> Yesterday, I made the disastrous mistake
> of applying the full download of SP3
> (with AV turned off and network connection disabled),
> afterward re-connecting, turning AV back on,
> and letting Windows Update finally replace IE6 with IE8.
> Now when I open Windows Live Mail,
> Version 2009 (Build 14.0.8089.0726),
> although all messages are listed normally,
> with proper icons, various attachment and flag symbols,
> From, Subject, Date, Size, etc.,
> not a single message in any mailbox can be opened,
> with any such attempt bringing up only this
> utterly vacuous and useless message,
> perfectly typical of Microsoft idiot-ware:
> "There was an error opening this message."
> "An error has occurred."
> If an attempt is made to display message properties:
> "The properties of this message could not be displayed."
> "An error has occurred."
> Searching on these mind-dead phrases:
> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/969148 suggests:
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Microsoft\internet explorer\version vector
> In the Data field for IE, type 8.0000, and then click OK
> (however, it already is 8.0000, and IE8 works normally)
> After plowing through pages and pages more articles,
> I can find nothing applicable or helpful,
> and I am stuck with a totally trashed WLM,
> with not a single readable message,
> neither incoming nor outgoing.
> I also attempted to export all messages in all folders,
> to WLM format in a new empty folder,
> and got no output file that contained any message content at all.
> If I store any complete message "source" from another email client
> into an isolated file named xyz.eml and then open that independent file,
> the independently stored message is displayed perfectly normally by WLM,
> and even waits for "show images" to be clicked before displaying web
> images,
> so there is no problem displaying an isolated message,
> apparently only in being unable to open any message locked within WLM
> storage,
> despite all the summary info about each message being visible and correct.
> The idiotic error messages seem commonly reported,
> but I found no report of anyone recovering lost mail; any ideas here?
> Thanks.

I trust you have backed up WLM (and all your important data) to external
media. Format and reinstall XP and when you install SP 3 this time,
reboot TWICE after the install and do it right after you install your
hardware drivers for audio, chip set and video. It seems that the SP3
install went awry and it's easier to just reinstall XP than go on a wild
goose chase to try and repair what's been broken.