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Re: After SP3 and IE8, Windows Live Mail is completely trashed

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by John H Meyers, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. John H Meyers

    John H Meyers Flightless Bird

    On 2/14/2010 3:06 AM, VanguardLH kindly wrote:

    > Since WLM stores items in their own file under folders on the hard disk
    > (instead of inside a database as did OE), it's possible it is an OS problem.
    > Have you looked at the permissions on the WLM folder under your profile?

    "C:/Documents and Settings\mylogin\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail"
    (and all content) inherits "Full Control" (and everything else) for SYSTEM,
    for Administrators (including me), and for my own account.

    A large file named "Mail.MSMessageStore" (and its apparent additional backup)
    seems to be the only thing large enough (other than equally large logs)
    to be the actual mail container, as opposed to all the individual *.dbx of OE,
    and has those same permissions.

    It's size, however, is not even 5% of 2GB, so "2GB" (the "brick wall"
    for each OE .dbx, and formerly for Outlook .PST files) is also ruled out.

    Some support for the presumed role of "Mail.MSMessageStore" is found here:

    Since all my messages are listed, with correct summary info,
    the source of all that summary info must also be readable.

    I did try the deletion of the "SearchFolderVersion" registry value,
    which regenerated identically after re-opening WLM, with no improvement to the issue.

    Thanks for mentioning the WLM group; I had subscribed to both groups,
    but refrained from starting with a cross-post, since SP3 and IE8
    seemed like the first things to investigate,
    given that WLM had already been okay prior to this major update.

    I had hoped that my experience had been heard of before,
    that someone might be able to connect the dots right away,
    and perhaps even know a cure.

    Thanks again for responding.


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