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Re: After running spyware - XP won't let me boot - keeps logging out

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by daviddschool, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. daviddschool

    daviddschool Flightless Bird

    Fun? I guess I like the challenge, but I don't know if I would use
    the term 'fun'. lol

    Well, I am going to try the Winlive CD once more then I am going to
    take out the HD and format a new one I bought - and then recover the
    backup from a month ago.

    I guess my main concern is and STILL WILL BE if I have a virus on the
    system drives or not. That is why I was really hoping to get this
    BitDefender going (and why for the life of me it seems to work for
    other but not me, I don't know!).
    Since I have to format the drive with this computer, there is a chance
    that there might be a virus on my slave drive (I have run a virus
    check on it, but I really need a Virus check that isn't tainted like
    from a CD) OR my Dual boot (with Win 7) on it (I have three drives in
    this system). Both of which could have been hit with the virus/
    malware during this whole routine.

    So that is it in a nutshell, virus worry, but I am not worried about
    reinstalling. That is the easy part. Getting a Virus checker to work
    from a CD is slightly worriesome because it doesn't work - making me
    think it has something to do with my DVD rom or my MOBO.

    AND I am a bit baffled why I can boot in Safe Mode but not in normal
    mode - I only once got to the desktop, the rest of the time, it gets
    close but reboots and does a memory dump or something. Maybe my mobo
    or something doesn't like something with WinXP.

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