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Developing Story Raspberry Pi Computer

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
Julian Joyce, BBC News, reports that you can now order a Raspberry Pi computer (the size of a credit card) for just £22 (excluding VAT), about $35 U.S. Although, if the demand is as high as anticipated, it's more likely you'll be on the end of a (very long) waiting list.

The software is (free) open-source, chip manufacturers have kept their prices low, and all members of the charitable Raspberry Pi Foundation have given their time (and in some cases substantial amounts of money) for free.

The vast majority of the profits will be ploughed back into more devices, improvements and incentives to get children programming.

Now that the Pi is launched, Eben Upton (a force behind the Pi) and his colleagues are already looking at new ways to incentivise children into coding computers.

There are plans to offer "very significant" prizes - perhaps totalling £1,000 or more - to children who impress the foundation with original programming.

And the foundation is already talking to education exam boards and educational publishers about incorporating the Pi into lesson plans. ....More