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Rahm told to eat his peas in new book 'The Obamas'

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by LPH, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. LPH

    LPH Flight Director Flight Instructor

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    Jodi Kantor, New York Times, authored The Obamas. The book provides details of interactions between Rahm Emanuel and the President. The book describes more of the 'eat your peas' style of leadership by Mr. Obama.

    According to the book, when Mr. Emanuel tried to resign and Mr. O replied "I'm not accepting it. Your punishment is that you have to stay here and get this bill done. I'm not letting you off the hook."

    So there.

    Too bad Geitner wasn't the one told to leave.
  2. Robert Heiny

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    I like the eat-your-peas (or squash) metaphor. :)

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