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Flightless Bird
Re: Problems of cody, aka alias.

Well cody, aka alias the LIAR, you can't keep your big lying stupid
mouth shut can you?
You only dig deeper into that abyss of lies you call your life.
Print this out and have a responsible adult explain it to you.

#1 lie from cody, aka cody, aka alias is:
pushing linux as an alternative to Windows 7 in this Windows 7 ng is "on
topic"...Hahahahaha...YOU SICK FUCK!!!
#2 lie from cody, aka alias is:
...."I do not spam this ng with ubuntu spam"
#3 lie from cody, aka alias is::
...."I am not trolling this Windows 7 ng with linux/ubuntu
#4 lie from cody, aka alias is:
...."I make $14,000 per week"...Hahahaha...you lying sick FUCK!
#5 lie from cody, aka alias is:
...."I was in the 101st U.S. Army Airborne Division"...Hahaha!
#6 lie from cody, aka alias is:...
I am not a liar"!...Hahaha!
Now post your lying response here *sport* --->