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Problem with starting Word 2007

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by mac1245, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. mac1245

    mac1245 Flightless Bird

    I have a recurring problem with Word 2007. Every few days (I haven't
    figured out a pattern yet) Word 2007 will not start. All that shows up
    is the Word 2007 splash screen. In order to get past this I have to
    remove the normal.dotm file and reboot. Then I can bring up Word 2007.
    This problem started a few weeks ago and I have not installed anything
    new on the computer. I'm runnin Windows7 and MSOffice 2007.

    I've removed a few add-ons in order to pinpoint the issue but so far no

    Has anyone seen this problem before?
    Does anyone have suggestions of what to look for as to why Normal.dot
    is being trashed?
    Is Normal.dotm used by other Office programs (other than word - like
    visio, I know Outlook can use it).
    Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot further would be helpful.


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