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Possible Refund?


Baby Bird
Dear Developer,

I just purchased XenWord Basic Lisence without knowing that this version doesn't support XF2 yet. I realized that a few hours after trying and nothing happened. Is it possible to refund? Or maybe I could have XenWord Pro 2018 license for half a month? Just wanna try the full potential of this tool since I can do nothing with trial license. Planned to buy the annual license if i'm satisfied with its feature and capability.



Dogs Times Writer
XenWord Pro 2018 certainly supports XenForo 2 as well as XenForo 1. It's in a release candidate stage due to people still testing it in different environments.

A basic license hasn't been updated to the release candidate but I can certainly send it to you in a PM or have @LPH provide a refund. It's up to you.