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Please add the "Open All In Tabs" to IE



Flightless Bird
I am hoping that you will add something to IE.
If it is already there, please let me know about it. I did search through
the forums without finding anything.

I own a Dell laptop and recently worked on a web app project. We developed
the app to over the past two years. It had to run with IE7 and Firefox
because the users of the web app were split as to what they were using. So, I
have been using both of those browsers on my computer. (I now have IE8
installed.) For my own personal browsing on the Internet, I use Firefox.
And, I thought you should know the reason why.

In my experience, these browsers are about the same. I don't do a lot other
than search and view web pages. I have also installed a few Firefox add-ons.
But, there are IE equivalents of the ones I use. So, the add-ons are not why
I use Firefox.

The main reason I use Firefox is because has this little option on the
bottom of its Bookmark (Favorites) menus that allows me to open all the
links I have saved in one folder called "Open All in Tabs". So, I can have a
Bookmark folder with four links and select this option to open all four links
at once. That's it. That's why I use Firefox over IE. I think if you added
this to IE I would be using it now. I find this option very convenient.

Example: I have a folder with Bookmarked links to my email accounts' sign-in
pages. One is with Yahoo, one is with Live and a Gmail account. I also have a
link to the Facebook home page in that folder. So, I just use the "Open All
in Tabs" option and I have all four pages open with one click.

I do use IE occasionally. I still have Visual Studio on my computer from
that web project and it opens IE automatically when I debug. And, there are
pages out there that only run IE. For example, when I download a driver from
Dell and need the website to find my computer's code, I have to use IE. So, I
do keep IE up-to-date.

I hope this feedback is helpful. And, I hope to see a version of IE that has
the little folder option I described above.

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