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OT--But so, so, sad

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Dave, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Dave

    Dave Flightless Bird



    Smiley Face


    Sideways Smiley Face died on March 14, 2010, surrounded by his loved ones.
    The cause of death was over-use. Born on a Computer Science on-line bulletin
    board at Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Face devoted his life to pointing
    out that the previous sentence was meant to be funny. He also gained
    worldwide recognition for his tireless efforts as a glib substitute for the
    words "I'm amused." His other interests included frowning and winking. He is
    survived by his children, Sideways Surprised Face, Sideways Glasses Face,
    Sideways Abraham Lincoln Face, Sideways Santa Claus Face, Sideways Pope
    Face, and, of course, his beloved wife, XOXO. In lieu of flowers, Mr. Face's
    family has requested that people use actual words to express their feelings.

    1st Aired: 22 March 2010


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