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OneNote printer driver for Windows 7 64bit

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by Dougj, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Dougj

    Dougj Flightless Bird

    Doesn't Microsoft have a driver to install?
  2. Rainald Taesler

    Rainald Taesler Flightless Bird

    Dougj wrote:
    > Doesn't Microsoft have a driver to install?

    The ON-printer functionality is not available under any 64-bit OS.

    For the reasons pls see:
    "OneNote 64 bit print driver"

    There are several workarounds and - finally - a "solution" by the same
    "David Rasmussen: OneNote Print Driver – A 64 Bit Solution"

    P.S. As a 64-bit printer is included in ON2010 it's my advice to use
    ON2010 right away.
    Download the Office 2010 Beta and install ON2010 (you may leave out the
    rest) and you will be settled.

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