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One Note 2007 won't sync with Mobile Notes


Richard B

Flightless Bird
I have OneNote 2007 on a Windows 7 desktop and OneNote Mobile on a Win 6.1
HTC HD2. ActiveSync works fine for all items apart from OneNote, comes up
with Sync Error - Microsoft Office OneNote: attention required. Usefully it
doen't tell you what attention!. I notice in other posts that there should be
a Mobile Folder in OneNote 2007, there isn't. I have reinstalled from OneNote
2007 to the HTC. I have also created a new note on the HTC, but doesn't
appear to help. The datafile location for OneNote 2007 is not the standard
one, actually in a Folder C:/Users\RJB\Documents\Data\OneNote Notebooks\My
Notebook\. Help gratefully received.