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Developing Story Obama Signs Agreement with Karzi

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
President Obama signed an agreement early this morning in Kabul with Afghanastan President Karzi. Obama announced this signing during a televised speech from Kabul at about 4:30 PM Mountain Time, USA.

President Obama described in vague terms that U.S. troops will be withdrawn and the U.S. will assist Afghanastan in various advisory and other ways for the next decade.

He did not address the fact that NATO conducts this war that is now against the Taliban.
That all seemed straight forward with video of the president shaking hands and talking with U.S. troops.

CNN commentator Ari Flischer, former Press Secretary for President G.W. Bush, David Gergan, White House consultant to four presidents, and MSNBC commentator Chuck Todd read the agreement before joining a panel to discuss the announcement. They each expressed cautions about downsides and their implications for the U.S.

They said in various ways that this is an agreement to agree in about a year to another agreement about future relationships between the U.S. and Afghanastan.

According to Gergan the U.S. will be in even more danger than before September 11, 2001, if the current agreement is implemented. He nor others on the CNN panel did not have TV time to flesh out their cautions.

Obama did not say from what document or official action he has unilateral authority to sign the agreement nor to what extent his signature commits the U.S. to any particular activity or resource.