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No Task bar, no start button, no icons, nothing but wallpaper

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Joe, May 6, 2010.

  1. Elmo

    Elmo Flightless Bird

    Joe wrote:
    > I tried running a virus scanner AVID from the boot drive and before starting
    > the scan, selected "Configuration" and set to repair or rename the infected
    > files.
    > After running the virus scanner, I rebooted but could not load explorer.exe
    > or iexplorer.exe.
    > I tried pasting printscreens of error messages but it doesn't seem to accept
    > the images in this Discussion Group format.
    > Joe
    > 714-742-5042

    Look for a log of changes made by AVID and post them.

    What happens when you start the computer? Is there a Desktop, with
    icons? Is there a Taskbar?

    Explorer.exe is the Desktop, among other things.

    Iexplore.exe (8 characters, no "r" on the end).

    What happens when you try to run them. Quote the error message.. we
    don't need to see the actual image, just have it quoted, verbatim.

    Joe =o)

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