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No Graphics


Baby Bird
Old graphics card Inno 3D 8500GT, replaced it with known to be working 8800GTX OC. Broke the lever on the PCI-e slot getting old one out but new card seated fine. Put in new card but somehow (dont ask me why) forgot to plug in the additional power cables that go to the 8800 card - switched on the PC and a loud constant screaching sound happened. Switched power off straight away, realised I hadnt plugged in power so did that, switched on PC and no terrible noise but also nothing at all on the monitor, PC sounded like it was booting up ok, fans all working, could hear hard drives - replaced the old 8500 card, same thing, no graphics at all. No bleeps on start up. Cleared the CMOS. No change.
I cant think of anything else that I can do but replace the motherboard but I have no idea why not plugging in the power to the card would cause such a disaster because it surely cannot be the little plastic lever that broke.
Any ideas suggestions or explainations would be really appreciated

Abit IP35-e motherboard
Intel E6850 CPU
DDR2 memory
Corsair HX520 PSU


Baby Bird
It shouldnt do anything but work... as it happened it was my error, I had not clicked the memory into place properly, once that was done all was well