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New Virus Vector

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by HeyBub, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. HeyBub

    HeyBub Flightless Bird

  2. MowGreen

    MowGreen Flightless Bird

    But wait, there's more !

    Vodafone HTC Magic shipped with Conficker, Mariposa malware

    " Just when you thought you have taken care of all the possible malware
    infection vectors, flawed quality assurance procedures once again
    demonstrate the need for a transparent and systematic approach of
    ensuring that digital devices are shipped malware-free.

    In a new blog post, researchers from PandaSecurity are reporting on
    Conficker, Mariposa and Lineage password stealing malware samples,
    shipped with a recently purchased Vodafone HTC Magic smartphone. "

    Hardmalware/softmalware/animalmalware ... next will be humanmalware
    where an evil Doctor implants it when you're born so Big Brother can
    track *every thing* you do. Ooga booga !!!

    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten

    "Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked

    HeyBub wrote:
    > "The United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) has warned
    > that the software included in the Energizer DUO USB battery charger contains
    > a backdoor that allows unauthorized remote system access."
    > http://gizmodo.com/5489413/energizer-battery-charger-comes-with-a-software-backdoor
    > Technical stuff
    > http://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/trojan-found-usb-battery-charger-software
    > This may do to Energizer what the root-kit business did to Sony, i.e., not
    > much.

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