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*** NetLo0n Alert *** Re: Does it have to be Microsoft?


Kadaitcha Man

Flightless Bird
"Ivan", thou seven-chinned louse of a lazar. O you beast, o faithless
coward, o dishonest wretch. Wilt thou be made a man out of my vice. Ye

> As everyone can see, there are some here that are poorly informed, but
> who would like to know more ... and, on the other hand, there are some
> wou are too poor in their hearts to be trusted. So, things stay the
> same. I asked for advice but got in return viruses; now I am cleaning my
> machines more often with both SAS and MBAM, and more often I find
> Addware.Tracing Cookies. As far as I have been informed, this comes by
> malicious people knowing my ISP; MBAM is stoping them all the time and
> is informing me that they come from one source only (
> This computer could be found easily. This person is abusing his position
> and HE should be sacked from his job; not warned, but sacked
> immediately.