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Need help lost word document

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by carla m, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. carla m

    carla m Flightless Bird

    So as I was typing a paper yesterday (6/17) that I started the night before (6/16) in word 2003. I went to open a different document to copy and paste some references. I mistakenly opened the same document I was working on after it asked me if I wanted to revert to the original. I said yes before I realized what I was doing, and now cannot find the three extra pages I added on 6/17 to the original.

    Although auto save was enabled, my question is once I agreed to revert to the original document, did auto save delete everything I had typed that day? I have looked in temp files and done searches and cannot find any versions from 6/17. All I have is the the original 6/16.

    Can anyone tell me if I can find the entire paper somewhere? Thanks so much!

  2. carla m

    carla m Flightless Bird

    Sorry, I meant word 2000. I didn't realize just how old this system is!

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