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MS Office 2010- programs not appearing on default list



Flightless Bird
Hi All,

I've just purchased a spankin'brand-new laptop with Windows 7. Decided
to switch from MS Office 2003 (on my old laptop) to trying MS Office
2010 (beta) on my new computer. So far (after 2 days), I love the new
version. Successfully connected it to our server at work (Microsoft
Exchange) and brought my folders up-to-date. So far so good, but...

Next, I needed to install Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 and
synchronize my phone with my work email. Noticed an error that I had not
set-up my default program to handle my emails (meaning Outlook). So,
naturally I went to the control panel into Programs and clicked on
'default programs', but no MSOffice applications were to be found in the
list. Consequently since I can't set Outlook as my default program, my
Blackberry won't synchronize with my email box.

So I tried repairing the Office 2010 installation using the 'change
features' option (under Programs in the Control Panel), but it didn't
help either. After a couple minutes, the program indicated 'repair
successful'. Also set Outlook as my default email handler (in
Outlook/File/Options/Set default), but alas, still zero success.

Don't understand why Outlook (or other MS Office programs) are not
showing up in the list when trying to set a default program. Does it
matter if I am using MS Office 2010 (beta) click-to-run ? I let the
program download fully after the initial installation and still no

Any ideas ?

Thanks all !