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MOUSE, wireless optical goes crazy


Baby Bird
I have an old MS wireless optical mouse 2.0 on an XP.
It has worked flawlessly for years, but in the past week it has gotten freaky. If I grab a window to move by the bar at the top, unless I move it very slowly, it will expand the window to fill the screen as though I had double clicked the bar.

When playing solitaire, if I grab a card to move, it slips out of the mouse's grasp unless I drag it very slowly. Highlighting text by dragging the mouse over it has become very frustrating. It's almost like the right button has a loose connection.

I've tried slowing the double-click speed and the drag speed. I've also replaced the batteries twice. Nothing helps.

Is it possible something in the mouse or mouse button has worn out and it just needs replacing? I remember having to clean lint off the rollers in the old mouse, but see nothing mechanical to account for the wild behavior on the optical one.


Flight Director
Flight Instructor
Before replacing it, try to clean it. Without touching the LED, wipe the area with a cotton swab and cleaning solution.

* Make sure you have the mouse disconnected from the computer and let the mouse dry completely before reconnecting it.


Baby Bird
Thanks for the suggestion. I think I've isolated the problem to a
loose connection in the left button. If I slam the mouse on the desk it
works perfectly for a few hours before it gets crazy again. Repair seems
unlikely so I guess I'll replace it.


Baby Bird
I found the answer to this problem some time ago... although I do not know
exactly what was wrong. I found slamming it hard against the table top
solved the problem. Something inside the mouse must have been loose.
It has continued to work perfectly ever since. (I think maybe I did slam
it a second time a few weeks after the first... can't remember for sure.)