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monitoring one application resources

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by waineck, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. waineck

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    I have a question about my problem with monitoring usage of specific program - in my case VirtualBox,
    VMware workstation and Microsoft Virtual PC. I want to monitor how much of computer resources is application using during
    some work in virtual computer - guest. I need that to work on my host Windows 7. I need a graphic line view of usage and text. Problem is that
    task manager is showing just total usage of all processes, in resource monitor you can select which process you want to monitor but it only shows for
    60 second and doesn't have option of saving graph or text log files. The only one that i found was AnVir task manager but it's showing some weird
    numbers and graphs if you compare to resource monitor. Performance monitor in windows has options of selecting what to monitor, it's not my
    favourite choice, but you can't select just to monitor one application only full computer statistic. My question to you is how to monitor just
    one application resources (CPU,RAM and disk usage - read/write) in windows performance monitor or how to monitor that in any other program?

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