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Missing folder and file details in listings



Flightless Bird
I am running Vista and Office 2003 on a Sony Vaio.

When I select 'open' to open a file (in Word, Powerpoint or Excel), only the
folder and file NAMES are being listed, not their DETAILS (type, size, etc).

I have 'details' selected as my listing format. All other listing formats,
such as 'tiles', appear correctly. In fact, with Tiles the file type and size
are shown.

If I list the contents of a folder using Explorer or select 'open' in a
non-Office application, the listing details appear correct. It just seems to
affect Office.

The 'column' in which folder and file names are listed appears slightly
shaded, while the space to the right (where details normally appear) is white.

This problem has appeared suddenly and I have no idea what I did to cause
it. It's very frustrating and any suggestions about how to rectify this would
be greatly appreciated!