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Microsoft update woes


Cheng Heng

Flightless Bird
"Bob E. Soxx" wrote:
> Actually, you're more of a HoopleHead than a troll.

So you are the one then. It always take one to know another!!!!!!

Mother fuc***


Flightless Bird
"Cheng Heng" <"Cheng. Heng"@microsoft.com> wrote in message
> MowGreen wrote:
>> Cheng Heng wrote:
>> > Ignore this muppet because it is foolhardy to disable firewall and
>> > antispyware/antivirus software.

>> You're a dead wrong, *troll*. The native XP firewall is now On and as
>> long as the OP's system doesn't visit any other site other then Windows
>> Update there is *no* risk to the system. NONE !

> Hey Idiot,
> You don't need to visit any other site to be attacked or hacked.
> Learn this fact by rote!
> Any one correcting you becomes a troll. Very Nice Indeed. How
> about anyone giving total and absolute rubbish advice should also
> be branded a troll? Good Idea?

Now you just became a troll's d!ck. Wipe your mouth. You're leaking.


"Don't pick a fight with an old man.
If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you."

PA Bear [MS MVP]

Flightless Bird
Your bridge called: It's missing its troll.

Cheng Heng" <"Cheng. Heng wrote: