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Microsoft issues its biggest-ever security fix


Robert Baer

Flightless Bird
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>>>> Microsoft said four of the new patches -- software updates that
>>>> write over glitches -- were of the highest priority and should be
>>>> deployed immediately to protect users from potential criminal
>>>> attacks on the Windows operating systems.
>>>> Microsoft released 16 security patches to address 49 problems in its
>>>> products, many of which were discovered by outside researchers who
>>>> seek out such vulnerabilities to win cash bounties as well as
>>>> notoriety for their technical prowess.
>>>> http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN1220677620101012
>>> Are these known to stop a PC from seeing it's modem? Suddenly 3
>>> (Vista and W-7) of our 5 PCs can no longer get online due to not
>>> being able to see their modems. Only the XP PCs can still see their
>>> modems.

>> They didn't bother my Win7 notebook. The modem still works fine.
>> If you go to Device Manager on one of the three, does the modem show
>> up as being OK, no yellow or red icon? If you open the modem
>> properties, is there a diagnostics tab? If so, click on the 'Query
>> Modem' button and see what the results are.

> The three PCs can communicate with their Modems but not when we try to
> add our dial-up ISP info or try to get online. Suddenly it's says
> "Windows cannot detect a modem" or similar words. It makes no sense.
> We've looked online but didn't find any solution. This also seems
> (Googling) to be a common problem with Vista and W-7. Lots of talk a
> bout it but no solutions offered.
> It happened to all three PCs (only Vistas and W-7) at the same time.
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>> SC Tom
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I agree, makes no sense..seems M$ is writing better malware..