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Mail Merge with Shared Excel File

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Natalie Stewart, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Natalie Stewart

    Natalie Stewart Flightless Bird

    I have some individuals within my office that use a shared excel file to
    conduct mail merges on a daily basis. This a 2003 excel file, and both
    individuals use MS Office 2003. They open the MS Word 2003 doc that they are
    using for the merge and begin with normal mail merge procedure. They choose
    to work on "email messages" and use the current doc that's open. Once they
    get to step 3 they browse to use an existing list , find the file in the
    shared folder and select to use that one.

    Once that is open they are asked to select which table they want to use. For
    some reason there are 2 options for every worksheet in the file. When
    selecting either one with the correct name of the table they want to use,
    they are then taken to a second "select a table" screen (this second screen
    does not come up in 2007). The screen does not allow them to do anything at
    all. There is a dropdown that looks like they can choose which file they want
    to work with, but the 'OK' option is greyed out and they can only cancel out
    of this screen and cannot continue with the mail merge.

    I have tried saving the file to the desktop and I still get the error
    message. I have tried to conduct the mail merge using other docs within this
    shared folder and they work fine. So one would assume it is a problem with
    the file itself. So we restored the file from the date when they were last
    able to use it without error, and still we get the error. I have MS Office 07
    on my computer and when I conduct the same tests I get no error message at

    What could be the problem here? If it is the file, how do I fix it? Could it
    be an issue with MS Office 2003?
    Natalie A. Stewart
    Application Support and Training Specialist
    Saralux LLC

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