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Learn the Basics

A Learners' View (AlV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

Blending Choices Teachers Make with Choices People Make while Learning.
Social Patterns of Learning

ALV (A Learners' View) for Teachers describes ways to blend choices of teachers in lessons with choices learners use while learning. Blending increases the likelihood that learners will learn those lessons and thereby accelerate, increase, and deepen (AID) learning.

ALV uses the vocabulary and logic of experimental behavioral and social science research to represent a sequence of observable behavior patterns learners' use to learn a lesson. ALV converts colloquialism and speculations about learning into social patterns you can see, hear, and manage as they happen.

The vocabulary of ALV does not include references to thinking, cognition, attitude, motivation, and other inferences that no one can see or hear directly. From ALV, if they exist, they can be observed, managed, and measured as social patterns during a lesson.
Teaching Higher-Order Thinking

From a learners' view, to teach "higher-order thinking," a lesson will present a problem with more difficult processes for a learner to use with vocabulary introduced in previous lessons. You can make processes more difficult by requiring use of a familiar, but seldom used vocabulary definition, leaving out a step required to solve the problem, or requiring completion of multiple sequences of steps, including extrapolating beyond the expected result.

ALV includes social patterns such a lesson would use.

ALV for Teachers is designed to assist you make choices that permit such lessons in subjects you teach, including in secondary schools and higher education.
Tools to Apply Social Science Descriptions of Learning

Tools include lesson planning formats, checklists, and calculators to support instruction. Each tool permits teachers to use their experience and intiuition to offer and assess lessons as they choose.
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